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Paws Up Rescue (PUR) exists to rescue, rehabilitate and find forever homes for abandoned, abused or relinquished cats and kittens.

Housed inside the Healthy Paws Pet Food store, PUR lovingly cares for each cat and kitten until it finds its forever human. That means once a cat enters PUR, it is guaranteed a home or finds a permanent home at PUR.

PUR's founder, Dawn, became a volunteer with a cat rescue organization in 2001 and went on to help many other organizations. She fell in love with rescuing and caring for cats and learned so much through her volunteer experiences that in 2004 she embarked on her own cat rescue, PUR, in her new pet food store, Healthy Paws.

Dawn started Healthy Paws when she realized that she did not know how to properly understand the ingredient panel on the back of a pet food bag, but that her pets' health greatly depending on it. She is dedicated to helping educate others about the truth of the pet food industry and teaching people how to feed their pets to optimize their health.

Dawn is always happy to teach anyone how to pick out the right food and or treat for your pets.  Stop by Healthy Paws and PUR to pet the cats or have a chat with Dawn about all your pet needs. 

Did you know that approximately 3.2 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year? Cats are found on the streets, parks, parking lots, or even have been relinquished by their owners.

Paws Up Rescue adopts out over 50 felines per year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the cats at PUR come from?

Many of these cats are found on the streets, parks and parking lots and brought to our shelter by helpful locals. We also rescue cats from kill shelters, or even some have been relinquished by their owners.

Are the adoptable cats spayed or neutered?

Once brought to PUR, all animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and treated for illness before they are placed for adoption into new homes.

Are the cats kept in cages?

No, our cats are housed at PUR in a big cat room with lots of cat furniture.

When can we come see your adoptable cats?

Cats can be adopted anytime the Healthy Paws store is open.

When is the best time to adopt a cat?

PUR has adoptable cats year round, however kittens are born in warmer months so kittens are most often available from March to December.

Can we see your kitties online?

You can see our adoptable kitties at

What happens if a cat is not adopted?

PUR never gives up on a cat! We have resident adult cats living with us who have no other family, no place to call home. It costs about $1,000 to keep cat in the cattery for the remainder of its life. Your donations help feed our resident cats!

You are invited to visit PUR's adoptable and resident cats in the Healthy Paws Pet Store.
Your visits help to socialize the cats and moves them a step closer to finding a forever home!